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Krissy is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Krissy Badé (born 1980), French basketball player
  • Krissy Chin (born 1980), professional figure competitor from the United States
  • Krissy & Ericka, Philippine pop-acoustic music duo
  • Krissy Kneen, Brisbane-based bookseller and writer
  • Krissy (Kris Aquino) (born 1971), Filipino talk show host, actress, etc.
  • Krissy Krissy (born 1988), pop singer based in Brooklyn, New York
  • Lady Kash and Krissy, Singaporean Indian rapper-singer duo, formed Sept 2008
  • Krissy Matthews (born 1992), British-Norwegian blues rock singer-songwriter and guitarist
  • Krissy Moehl (born 1977), American ultramarathon athlete, specializes in trail running
  • Krissy Nordhoff (born 1974), American musician, plays a pop style of Christian worship music
  • Krissy Taylor (1978–1995), American model
  • Krissy Vaine (born 1981), American model, retired professional wrestler and valet
  • Krissy Wendell-Pohl (born 1981), American women's ice hockey player

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